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Downspout Swivel Adaptor (White)



A 360-degree swivel attachment for any downspout on residential or commercial properties. Allows you to rotate your downspout in any direction. No More…

  • Dead Lawns
  • Broken downspouts when kicked
  • Stripped Screw Holes
  • Poorly Managed Water Dispersion
  • Property Erosion
  • Limited Options for Landscape Design

Drain-360 is made from a quality-grade synthetic compound that has been engineered to endure all climates. It comes in one size that fits most homes downspouts. We back the product with our 30-day money-back guarantee. Get free shipping on 4 or more.

Select your size below. We recommend measuring your downspout before ordering. 

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Disclaimer: If your downspout is 4 feet in length or longer, we suggest ordering a downspout support to relieve pressure on the swivel. 

Customer Reviews

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Claude Goodwin

Best down spout drain,on the market.Took all of 2 minutes to install.I would and
I am recommending this unit to everyone I can.