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Our Story

How The Idea For Drain-360 Was Born

What seems to be the problem!? What’s causing the damage we are seeing!?   Those are very common questions we hear regularly.    And our response is often… Managing and maintaining your rainwater runoff, through your downspouts, will correct the problem and prevent future damage from occurring.   

The team behind Drain-360 has a combined 35 years in the industry.  We have combined our knowledge to come up with a product that has made our jobs easier, and has provided users with something simple and effective … significantly reducing the potential for water damage to their property structures.

RainWater flow has been an issue for as long as I’ve been in the industry…and I’m suspecting it has been that way ever since the first time it rained on the earth.  We know we can’t stop the rain, but we can help contain and direct the rainwater runoff.  As a licensed property inspector I have been able to see how improper water flow can destroy a property, and in some cases, put the owner(s) into financial ruin in a very short period of time.

We have developed a swiveling adapter that will simply connect to the existing downspout and route water away from the structure, at any desired angle.

A typical downspout and extension will discharge water only at a 90 degree angle, perpendicular to the structure, and is held in place by two (2) self tapping screws. One kick by a child or bump from a lawnmower and these attachments break off, get crushed, Etc, … and their limited functionality is now completely destroyed.   Most property owners don’t repair or replace them… and the poorly managed rainwater runoff system is now made worse. 

Typical drainage issues we see with downspouts...

Multiple 90-degree elbows needed and gutter broken off from kicking.

Land erosion due to water discharge in same location over time.

Downspout broken due to the need for a 45 degree angle to prevent erosion right beside driveway.

Drain-360 Is manufactured from weather resistant plastic, designed to handle our -40 degree winters, and +30 degree summers. It has the ability to rotate 360 degrees … giving the downspout complete flexibility and presenting several key benefits.  The outlet flow can be directed in any position necessary… the outlet will easily move, allowing for kicks and bumps to not disrupt the designed functional use … etc

The ability to rotate your downspout doesn’t just help route the water wherever you want it to go, but will also help prevent damage to the eavestrough, downspout, extension, etc.  If the spout gets hit, kicked, or pushed, instead of it breaking or pulling the screws out it will simply rotate….and can easily be rotated back into its desired position.

Traditional rigid metal downspout systems and components have not allowed for the necessary flow control direction that should be incorporated into an effective water drainage system.  Round, flexible, accordion style adapters have not provided the aesthetics or integrity of a standard metal downspout system.  So we have created a product that combines all components … aesthetics, functionality, ease of installation, long term reliability, and effective control of rainwater runoff through a downspout system